Mission Statement

To ensure the freedom our forbears died for is upheld for future generations.



Our main Telegram group Global Veterans Alliance is the first port of call for information bulletins.

Please direct all important enquiries to comms@globalveteransalliance.com

Who We Are

The Global Veterans Alliance GVA has been established as a professionally run voice of reason to coordinate concerned veterans worldwide into peaceful and productive actions in our capacity as civilians. We are made up of former and serving military personnel and in addition to blue-light services and healthcare, we extend an equal and warm welcome to civilians.

What We Are Not

The GVA is not a standing army, militia or a disruptive element in society. We stand for freedom under a legitimate rule of law. As such we respect and value our police force and expect all officers to uphold their oath.


To work in partnership with professionals and groups to reinstate fundamental human rights.

The Global Veterans Alliance demonstrates moral courage through peaceful, lawful and well-executed publicity events, such as our highly successful ‘silent remembrance parade’ outside 10 Downing Street in London. By doing so we have achieved significant growth and support.

The public’s enormous respect for veterans means we have a hard-to-dismiss status. We employ this to positively influence the core beliefs and subsequent actions of the regular military, police and wider community.

Our ultimate goal is spearheading the public to take a stand for themselves and their communities, allowing them to see through the media propaganda and restore personal sovereignty through self-actualisation.



As a global organisation challenging the extremely well-funded and long-established mainstream media, it is important to project a professional image and maintain our reach.

Your donations enable us to employ professional services such as a video editor, website maintenance and cover our day to day running costs.

How to Get Invovled

We invite all-comers – veterans, serving military, blue-light services and civilians – to get involved TODAY! The process is simple and starts HERE…