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No Jab No Job and Vaccination in Schools letters

Protect your children in school as well as your employment.

Care home worker’s letter

If you are or expect to be facing dismissal or resignation caused by an employer having a no jab no job policy you can use this letter provided as a free download by PJH Law Solicitors.


Word document – No Jab No Job letter

PDF document – No Jab No Job letter

Read the letter carefully and make appropriate changes such as adjusting the dates referenced within the text.

As with all things law related you should take legal advice before using the letter and check the PJH Law Solicitors website for updates before sending.

If you want PJH Law to send the letter on your behalf call 01780 757589 to make an appointment.

For those instructing PJH Law Solicitors there will be a fee of £150 plus vat with a 50% discount for those care home workers who are out of work.

If there is more than one employee who is about to be dismissed from a care home you can instruct PJH Law Solicitors jointly to reduce your costs.

There may be a possibility of third party funding for any care home worker who applies to the High Court for a declaration or an injunction. This will protect you against downside risk and will meet your legal costs including the court fee.

Vaccination in schools

PJH Law Solicitors have also written a letter covering vaccination in schools.

Word document – School letter

PDF document – School letter

PJH Law Solicitors will send out the letters at a minimal cost if the parent wants an impact.

To deliver to your child’s school:

  • Read the letter carefully and make appropriate changes such as adjusting the dates referenced within the text.
  • Include the name and full address of the school, the name of the child’s form tutor (personal teacher), Head Teacher and Chair of Board of Governors. It may be harder to find the Chair of Board of Governors name, in which case use their title. But the other two you must name.
  • Personally deliver three letters addressed to each individual and ask for a receipt. Record the date and time of service and keep the receipt safe with YOUR (4th copy) of the letter. Alternatively you may post using recorded delivery.
  • Wait for a reply. If no reply within seven days. You may proceed to County Court for an Injunction or declaration or both.