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Organisational standards in public

The GVA is an independent assembly of unaffiliated individuals. We are in no way linked to other group or their actions unless officially stated on this website. Such organisations are requested not to attend our gatherings without first gaining our permission.

Please only engage with media platforms sanctioned by group admin.

Dress smart – i.e. suit or jacket, shirt and tie – MINUS medals, military crests and ties. Beret to be CARRIED IN POCKET until requested by admin.

Please support those with mobility issues if requested.

Please be ultra-respectful to our police. Verbal or physical abuse towards ANY individual will not be tolerated.

Social Media Standards

To Protect Our Meaning We follow A Two Strike System

Do NOT argue with moderators – some ill-thought-out comments HAVE to be deleted.

NO talk of violence or intimidation towards anyone or any organisation, including our police force or other agencies

NO infighting, bickering, slandering or publicly questioning the GVA or its mission statement – address any concerns to gva@globalveteransalliance.com

NO sharing of our social media content to groups that are acting unprofessionally, unlawfully and not in the long-term interests of the wider community and our children

YOU are responsible for your conduct and associations in public and on the Internet

NO military parlance, jargon or any ‘weapons’ talk – we are peaceful civilians

Exchange ONLY factual non-fear-based information

STAY on the topic of ‘freedom’ (i.e. avoid ‘public health’ where possible)

Avoid posting TRIVIA, INC. unnecessary replies and ‘thumbs-up’ emojis (others don’t have time to scroll through all this)

Exchange ONLY factual non-fear-based information.

NO bravado banter or discussion of hypothetical or unsanctioned scenarios.